Procurement Services

Global Management Partners, LLC (GMP), a wholly owned subsidiary of Solidaris LLC, has provided procurement and support services to various projects located in South America. These services include the procurement of the equipment itself and providing erection, commissioning and operational support through the use of vendor Technical Assistants (TA’s) and GMP personnel on site. The following is a listing of projects and equipment that GMP has procured:

Josefa Camejo Power Plant, Venezuela
• Iso Phase Buses
• Chimneys
• Ion Exchange Demineralized Water Treatment Plant
• Generator Breakers
• Replacement turbine spare parts for those damaged during storage and transportation
• Raw, Service and Demineralized Water System Pumps
• Treated and Un-treated Fuel System Pumps
• Fiber Optic Cabling
• Balance of Plant Valves
• Specialty valves such as control, relief and recirculation valves
• Instruments
• CO2 Traps for Demineralized Water Tanks
• Electrical system components such as batteries, transformers and relays
• Waste Water Treatment System
• Particulate Filter for the Gas System
• Maintenance Equipment and Tools

San Diego de Cabrutica Power Plant, Venezuela
• Chimneys
• Iso Phase Bus
• Step Up Transformers
• Heater for Gas System

Ezequiel Zamora Power Plant, Venezuela
• Gas Particulate Filters
• Gas Sseparator System

Alberto Lovera Power Plant, Venezuela
• Ion Exchange Demineralized Water Treatment Plant

El Alto Power Plant, Bolivia
• Iso Phase Bus
• Switchgears
• Assorted high pressure valves

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